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H4 error canceler for XKGLOW 7in LED Headlight H4 error canceler for XKGLOW 7in LED headlight

-Error canceler for 7in headlight.
-Fix error code and flickering issue.

Price: 29.99
XKGLOW Turn Signal with Underglow + White Dual mode for Reverse, Headlight, or Courtesy lighting Module. XKchrome 2pc Turn Signal Switchback Module with Power Amplifier function

- Use underglow & accent light into turn signal light and more.
- Also serves as 60w power amplifier.
- Compatible with XKchrome and 7 color light series.

Price: 39.99
Adjustable Mounting Ring for XKGLOW 7in LED Headlight Adjustable Motorcycle Mounting Ring for XKGLOW 7in headlight

-Adjustable mounting ring for 7in headlight.
-Perfectly mount headlight to motorcycle.

Price: 59.99
XKchrome iOS Android Smartphone App Bluetooth XKchrome RGB Switchback Halo Upgrade  Kit for cars, trucks, retrofits. RGB Switchback Halo Add-on Upgrade Kit - XKchrome Compatible

- RGB Switchback - Multicolor + White & Turn Signal
- Micro-SMD Technology - Solid glow
- XKchrome Compatible

Price: 60.00
XKGLOW Sequential Switchback DRL LED Turnsignal for Headlights 2pc Sequential Switchback LED Strip Kit DRL Turnsignal for Headlights

- 2pc LED strips. 24" or 36"
- Sequential amber for turn signals
- Flexible to fit most applications

Price: 119.99