June 2019 XK's Choice Winner - Mitchell Mcgrew

Purchased led kit: KS-CAR-PRO
Submit your photos or video for a chance to win a $150 XKGlow gift certificate!

Each month, XKGLOW will select the best picture or video sent to us from you our valued customers. The winner will receive a $150.00 XKGLOW gift certificate which can be used for any XKGLOW product!

Participation is simple:

  1. Email a picture or video of your car, motorcycle, boat or home with XKGLOW products installed to xk@xkglow.com. If it's a video, please send us the video link.
  2. You may also tag us in your video or photo in facebook and email us the URL link
  3. Please put "Best of This Month Competition-YOUR NAME" in the subject line of the e-mail for fast processing. Also include your original order number in your email. (If you cannot find it, please let us know the shipping address so we can look it up for you)
  4. The Winning photo or video will be posted in the beggining of each month. We will notify the winner and that person will receive a $150 XKGLOW gift.
A few tips for better light effects:
  • Cameras usually take better photos than cellphones. If possible, a DSRL camera would be awesome!
  • A distant background (city skyline, sunset, street, and etc.) can always make your vehicle stand out.
  • Low ISO (100-200) setting plus a tripod are strongly recommended.
When you e-mail a photo or link a video you are giving XKGLOW permission to us that photo on our web site or any other type of media we choose. XKGLOW 150 gift certificate has NO cash value and can only be used on the official XKGLOW web site.