Test Pilot Program


We always believe that customer and community relationships are one of the most important aspects of a business. XKGLOW is very proud to sponsor not only Veteran and Charity groups, also but Professionals and everyday enthusiasts of our products.
Whether you are an individual or representing an organization that seeks sponsorship, please fill out this form and contact us via email at xk@xkglow.com. In your email and the filled form, please describe specific details such as yourself/your organization, reference of past activities (photos, website, social network and etc.), and what type of sponsorship you seek. We will be in touch with you shortly.

Testpilot Program:

Customers who are selected to participate in the Test Pilot program will receive the most advanced accent LED products on the market for FREE after returning high quality photos or videos of the installed products. Participants must meet following conditions:

1. Participants must own the vehicle we are looking for and be able to install the XKGLOW products on the vehicle.
2. Participants must have a high resolution DSRL camera or video device and have the skill to take high quality photos & videos. (Cellphones do not qualify.)

Please send High resolution photos/videos of your vehicle to xk@xkglow.com. If approved, XKGLOW will send the participant a special link to purchase the product with a special discount. Once the high quality installation photos/video are sent to XKGLOW, we will issue a FULL refund immediately. If needed, XKGLOW will send extra components free of charge to help achieve the ultimate light effect.