Established in 2009. Springfield, IL-based XKGLOW, is a leading supplier of LED lighting and LED specialty controllers.

At XKGLOW, we design and develop some of the world’s most advanced lighting systems on the market. XKGLOW’s team is small but mighty. Out of the 11 employees, there are 7 designers! You will not find 17 different lights for the same application! You will only find the 1 or 2 variants we developed, in-house! Starting with sketches to quickly convey our ideas to other team members, we then move to Solidworks to create realistic CAD models to allow us to design function, fitment, and form. These same CAD models are then used to create parts from our in-house 3D printers. Once the design is finalized with physical prototypes, we then use the same files to be used in manufacturing. This ensures proper fitment, every time!

Try our products and you will see why we are “Light Years Ahead” of the competition.

Our Story

Founded in 2009 during the financial crisis, XKGLOW is the result of Dan and Eric's passion for automobiles/motorcycles and their industrial design backgrounds. XKGLOW was created in the office of Dan’s home. Quickly running out of room, they build a small shop on Dan’s property. That space only lasted about 1 year. XKGLOW then moved to a commercial office space in Athens, IL. 3 years later, XKGLOW moved again to a larger commercial space in Springfield, IL where it remains today. Expansion plans are currently in the works.

“I still remember that in the early days, we hand-packed every package like Christmas gifts. We carried a full bag of packages to the Post Office, saying to ourselves ‘I wish we could have this many orders every day.’”, as Eric recalled.

In 2011, they saw the potential of smartphones and apps to transform the automotive lighting industry, this lead them to develop an app and control system hardware for LED lighting. Unlike competitors, XKGLOW designed every part in-house, ensuring optimal performance and user-friendly design.

Today, our 3rd gen XKCHROME app is the most popular and reliable LED lighting Bluetooth-enabled control system in the industry. After 4+ years of research and development, the 4th gen XKALPHA system is already on the horizon.

XKGLOW remains dedicated to pushing technological advances with our specialty controllers and an ever-growing selection of compatible lighting components. As a leading provider of LED automotive lights and accessories, they prioritize high-quality products and exceptional customer service, aiming to bring technology and style to people's lives.

Our Culture

We are NOT just a LED lighting company, we are more than that. We are a team of car lovers, bike riders, & off-road enthusiasts. We are a community of automotive enthusiasts who attend local and national shows, who go to meets, and who love customizing their vehicles. Just a relaxed atmosphere and a hardcore passionate group, behind every product that goes from our shop to yours.

Just like our customers, every XKGLOW team member is passionate about automotive, thus every XKGLOW product should meet the standard that we will proudly and confidently put on our own vehicles before it reaches your hand. We only sell what we would use for our own rides. 

Sometimes our team members even go beyond the norm to test the products in creative and extreme ways:

In the 2016 movie Nerve, XKGLOW’s lights reached the big screen and were outfitted in the Triumph Bonneville driven by actor Dave Franco.

XKGLOW lights on a Triumph Bonneville in the 2016 movie, Nerve
XKGLOW lights on a Triumph Bonneville in the 2016 movie, Nerve

Our Values:

XKGLOW is a people-first company. We believe our customers, dealers, and everyone affiliated with our company come first. That is why we always showcase our community, every chance we get.

XKGLOW values the relationship with our local dealers and installers as our most important asset. Our Dealer Map is displayed on all of our product pages for customers who are looking for local shops or installers. We introduced “Dealer of the Month” to further appreciate our dealers by showcasing their talents and stories on our social media & our website.

Dealer locator - XKGLOW LED Lighting
XKGLOW dealer locator - Find the nearest dealer.

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