Driven by the constant pursuit to produce the highest quality products and seek ultimate innovations, XK-GLOW is well known for being the leading Manufacturer and Innovator of LED products in the Transportation Industry. As an LED equipment manufacturer, our company has been extremely proud to provide the most comprehensive LED product line to the automotive, motorcycle, and entertainment lighting industry for more than a decade:

-Motorcycle lights;
-Automobile replacement and decorative lights;
-Offroad & work lights;
-Smartphone controlled LED system;
-Marine lights

Facts about LED:
- LED use 1/10th of the power required by normal incandescent bulbs.
- LEDs have no filaments and are not susceptible to failure due to vibration.
- They run cooler and are physically smaller than conventional bulbs.

For any question regarding products, warranty or sale, please contact xk@xkglow.com.

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