SXS Street Legal Kit-

XKcommand can be used to control lights and horn for a street legal conversion kit on a SXS. Wire running lights and turn signals to buttons 1 and 2. In the app, program buttons 1 and 2 to flash as turn signal pattern. Add a button for hazards and horn. Under the horn button, make sure the momentary option is turned on.

Auto-High Beam-

Let’s say channels 1 and 2 are powering forward-facing lights. Take sensor wire 1 and tap it into the positive high beam wire. Go into sensor wire 1 settings and turn on channels 1 and 2. Whenever the high beam is activated, sensor wire 1 will trigger, and the forward-facing lights will come on automatically.

How to link multiple channels to one button-

In the app under the button settings, there is a Linked Channels menu listing off channels 1 through 8. Select each channel to be tied with that button. Example- button 1 controls all rear facing lights which are on channels 1, 2, and 7. In the app, 1, 2, and 7 will need to be checked.

How to increase current output-

If you need more than the available 15A, you can link channels together. To do this, simply run the output wires from those channels to the accessory needing more current. Example- to run a 30A light bar, run wires from channel 1 and channel 2 to the light bar. Then in the settings, make sure that both those channels are checked on for any button that triggers that light bar.

Can the dimming functions be used for any 12V light?

Please check with your light manufacturer to make sure it supports dimming.

Places the sensor wires can tap into-

Brake, turn signal, high beam, welcome light, running light (for reducing panel backlight), reverse light, or even add in rocker switches for 3 additional buttons.

How to reset a channel if it auto shuts off due to exceeding the set max current in the app-

When the set max current is triggered, the power of the channel will be cut off for safety and the related buttons will flash warning color. After fixing the issue that causes the set max current being triggered, power off and on all buttons via app of control panel.

Can multiple XKcommand systems be controlled in one app?

Yes. The main app page will have an arrow indicating the user to swipe left/right to access each panel.

Can the system be used to control motorized accessories such as a winch or air compressor?

The system can be used to power on/off the relay switch but should NOT be used to directly power the product. Motorized products can have very high momentary voltage/current during power on/off stage that goes way beyond the standard spec. Using a relay ensures safe operation.

Can the white (ignition trigger sensor) wire be tapped into a data wire with 3-5V voltage?

Yes. The white sensor wire is designed to be 3-16V compatible.

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