Jessie's 1934 Ford Pickup

Jessie's "Nasrod" lights up more than the tires! He took this 1934 pick up truck and turned it into a burnout machine. Jessie integrated our advanced LED lighting to bring this old truck into the 21st century. The Nasrod has a full XKchrome underglow system alongside our XKchrome wheel lights. It is also running a set of our 32in whip lights acting as flag poles on the rear bumper. This XKchrome set up provides so much light, Jessie's night burnouts don't produce a white cloud... it's a green one!!

Katrina's 2018 Ford Mustang GT

Katrina's Iron Man Mustang GT is a true marvel on wheels, and the XKGLOW lighting plays a pivotal role in bringing the essence of Iron Man's iconic suit to life on her vehicle. The dynamic and customizable features of our XKchrome underglow lights allow Katrina to recreate the vibrant and futuristic glow reminiscent of Iron Man's suit. The ability to change colors and patterns seamlessly enables her to mimic the various lighting effects associated with the superhero's armor, especially with the XKchrome wheel lights. Whether it's the classic red and gold combination or a pulsating display resembling the arc reactor, the XKGLOW lights transform Katrina's Mustang into a rolling tribute to Tony Stark's legendary alter ego.

Adyan's 2022 Toyota Supra

This Supra is truly nothing less than a driving piece of art. The dedication Adyan put into designing the intricate wrap and aerodynamic kit for his car has rightfully earned recognition in the industry. His Supra was awarded the 2023 Wrap Design of the Year at the SEMA show. There is only one way to complement the best wrap of the year, and that is with the best LED lights. Our XKalpha underglow kit serves as a tool for Adyan to showcase and emphasize the meticulous attention to detail in his wrap, turning his Supra into a rolling masterpiece that turns heads wherever it goes. 

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