Josh's 2007 Hummer H2

Savage Builds put an insane amount of detail into this Hummer from the wrap and color scheme, all the way to the lighting. This Hummer is running a few sets of our C3 cube lights, an XKchrome rock light kit, and a fog/strobe light bar in the front bumper. And although it is a Hummer... it is actually rocking our 7in Jeep headlights! Check out the video to see what all Josh has done to the Savage H2!

Ninja Ed's 2022 Ford Bronco

The SEMA crunch is real!! But can you even tell? Despite the short time frame Ninja Ed had to build his Bronco for the SEMA show, it came out killer! It is a perfect example of a clean and capable build using one of the new Broncos. This thing is running a full 360 degree SAR system up top, along with our 5in round lights as ditch lights. Of course it lights up underneath with our brand new XKalpha rock light system. Watch the video to see and hear more about all the upgrades done to this new Bronco!

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