Sam's 2000 K2500 Duramax

Sam with KRK has built this Duramax swapped K2500 from the ground up. He did all of the fab work on this truck from the custom suspension, all the way to the stacks in the bed. Lighting becomes an important part of a build when the truck is this high since there is so much ground to cover underneath. Sure he could have put a thousand rock lights under this thing but he didn't have to. This truck is running an XKalpha rock light kit under this truck which provides more than enough light to highlight all of his suspension components and the ground under them. Sitting on top of the truck is one of our patented SAR systems with our SAR Roof Rack. Sam also packed our C3 cube lights in the front and rear bumpers, and even has a 5in cube lights mounted as ditch lights. If you couldn't tell by the huge logo on the side, or our products from the bottom to the top of his truck, Sam is all in on XKGLOW and we can't thank him enough for his support and the work that he does!

Diego's 2022 Ram 3500

I know it's hard to see the KiloRam with that sick camo wrap... so we made sure he had plenty of lights to make it seen! Diego built an absolute beast of a 3500 that we were super excited to partner with for this years SEMA show. He is running our XKchrome rock light kit to light up all of that candy apple powdered suspension underneath it. Of course, using our chameleon mode to match the red with his lights. All of the cube lights in the front and back bumpers of this truck are our XKchrome C3 cube lights, so he can tie all of those into the rocklights giving him even more red accents at night. On top of the KiloRam is one of our patented SAR light bar systems and our new SAR roof rack. With a truck this big, it was the ultimate solution to make sure he has a 360 degree view of his surroundings come night time. See the video to hear what his favorite function of the SAR system!

Damien's 2023 AT4X Canyon

Looking at this truck, you would never guess that it was built in just 2 short months before getting sent out to the SEMA Show. Damien knocked this truck out of the park! This AT4X is a perfect example of a super clean and capable build. Damien chose the AT4X Canyon as the base for this build, which made it stand out among all of the builds at the show. With a unique truck comes a unique lighting package! We've got this thing loaded down with our 5in cube lights, with 8 of them packed on top of the roof rack and a couple down on the hood. Some may say they provide "too much light", but we would argue there's no such thing! Damien also threw our brand new XKalpha rock light kit under this truck to highlight the lift kit and those beefy Mickey Thompsons with his favorite red accent color. Check out the video and see his take on our XKalpha app!

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