• Switch between 90 degree and 360 degree Search Mode

To toggle between the 90 Degree Search and the 360 Degree Search, simply hold the Search button until the indicator LEDs at the top of the controller flash.

- 90 degree is the default mode. Use the 90-degree setting when only forward-facing light bars are used. The 90-degree mode will lock the light beam to the forward-facing bar only. If you turn the dial all the way left or right, the light will automatically stop when it reaches the end of the light bar. The LED indicators light up from the left in 90 degree mode.

- Use the 360-degree setting when SAR Light Bars are installed on multiple sides of the vehicle. The 360-degree mode will allow the light to pass by the ends of the light bar when directed. Example- when the light reaches the end of the forward-facing bar, it will pass to the bar on that side of the vehicle. The LED indicators light up from the right in 360 degree mode.

  • Activate Search+Strobe Mode

The Search and Strobe mode is a variant of the standard Search mode but adds strobe when necessary. In the standard Search mode, all LEDs outside of the controllable beam section remain off but, in the Search/Strobe Mode, those off LEDs strobe on and off for lateral visibility.

To activate the Search/Strobe Mode, double click the Search button. To return to normal Search Mode, simply click the Search button again.

  • Change controller power-on default mode: 

Turn on the system and change to the mode you desire to save as power-on default. Hold the STROBE and DIRECT button together for 3 seconds and release. The led indicator on the controller will blink 3 times. The currently mode will be the default mode next time you power up SAR system.

  • Activate the Show Mode

The SAR system has a show mode that cycles through every mode, which is great for trade show or in-store display. To activate this mode, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn OFF the SAR controller using the center dial knob.
  2. Hold the center dial and hold the Search button simultaneously. 
  3. Continue holding the Search button after the center dial is released.
  4. Release the Search button.

Turning off the system or pressing any button will cancel the Show Mode.

    • Controller reset:

    Turn on the controller, hold SOLID button for 5 seconds and release. The indicators will blink 5 times and the controller will be reset to factory mode.

    • SAR light bar reset: 

    Turn on the SAR light bar. Hold the rubber indicator button on the back of the light bar for 5 seconds and release immediately. The indicator will change to white color and the light bar will change to factory mode.


      • Can each SAR light bar be connected to a different power source?

      Yes. In multiple SAR light bar setup, each light can be connected to a different power source. The controller must be connect to the same power source as the first SAR bar in the data wire chain.

      • Can I have multiple SAR light bars designated as the same direction?

      Yes. For example, you can have 2 bars facing forward, and 1 bar facing left and 1 bar facing right. To Change the direction configuration of each bar, power the light bar on, push the rubber button at the back of the bar. Each indicator color represents one direction: 

      - Front: White (default)

      - Right: Blue

      - Rear: Green

      - Left: Red

      Trouble Shoot

      • My controller is responding but my light bar won’t respond to Search Mode when turning the knob. What should I do?

      Connect controller and only the light bar you have issues with to power. Push the SOLID or STROBE button. 

      If the light bar responds correctly, it means this light direction is configured to face left, right or rear while the controller Search Mode is set to 90 degree front facing. To solve this issue, you can either change the controller Search Mode to 360 degree by holding the Search button for 5s, or change the light bar direction setting by pressing the rubber button on the back of the bar.

      If the light does not respond, disconnect from power and make sure all data wires and power wires are properly connected. Turn the system on again. After the system is powered on, the rubber indicator button on the back of the light bar should illuminate for 10 seconds to indicate what direction it is designated to.

      - If the indicator does NOT light up, please contact our customer service for replacement.

      - If the indicator does light up, perform the reset procedure mentioned in Controller Tips section on both controller and light bar and try again.

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