XKGLOW was started in 2007 in Illinois by a team of motorcycle and automotive enthusiasts. Believe motorcycle lighting should be more interactive, long-lasting, and bright, we set out to develop the very first app-controlled motorcycle lighting in the US. Our flagship XKchrome Bluetooth lighting series is our 3rd generation product and have gained a popular reputation for its advanced app feature, plug-n-play and wide range of components in the biker community.

On XKGLOW home page, customers can find a nation wide map (see below) of installers/dealers to provide professional service. The lighting system is wired to the bike’s battery and is independent of the motorcycle’s wiring harness. Since all XKGLOW lights are plug-n-play and waterproof, the installation charge is also lower than the market average.

Wy XKGlow is The Best Motorcycle Lighting 1

The controller offers a unique feature that turns all the accent lighting into Brake Light when you apply the brake, providing significant visibility for safely riding at night. It’s strongly recommended and much loved by the bikers.

Why XKGLOW is the best motorcycle lighting 2

The broad range of exciting US-developed XKchrome app features is second to none. You can choose any color from 16 million colors, sync light to music or acceleration, or even use a camera to capture color and put it on your light. Fully customizable holiday/mood themes such as "July 4th Patriotic Preset” is also available in the app.

Why XKGLOW is the best motorcycle lighting 3

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