XKGLOW is proud to say that we offer the industry-leading XKchrome controller with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone app that is compatible with 12V RGB LED Lights. The XKchrome controller is second to none in the automobile industry. It comes with many useful LED light functions. The functions include 16-million color multi-zone control, syncing light to music, capturing the color of an object by a smartphone camera, turning lights signals, etc.

See what our customer did by combing the XKchrome controller with another 3rd party lighting product:

1. XKchrome app review by FlyRyde.

In this video, our customer FlyRyde reviews our XKchrome controller & XKchrome Bluetooth-controlled app that can control 12-volt RGB LED lights, light strips, headlights, etc.

2. 2015-2016 WRX STI with XKGLOW RGB multi-color halo ring overview.

In this video, Elite Retrofitting Network gives an overview of XKchrome controllers 2 output channel systems to control two RGB lighting systems independently at the same time using the XKchrome smartphone app.

3. WRX STI retrofit headlight project using the XKchrome controller.

In this video, Elite Retrofitting Network explains his retrofit headlight build using the 3rd-party led lighting product and XKchrome controller for their Subaru WRX STI.

4. FlyRyde explains why he loves the XKchrome controller.

In this video, our customer FlyRyde why the XKchrome controller is his favorite choice out of all RGB light controllers available in the market. He gives extra details of what the controller is capable of.

5. Nissan GT-R Color bolts with XKchrome controller & App.

In this video, a customer gives a glimpse of Nissan GT-R color bolts customized by FlyRyde using our XKchrome controller. The video showcases some exciting features of the XKchrome app.

You can learn more about our XKchrome app on our YouTube playlist or you can read the full instructions here.

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