Here you'll find Install tips, reviews of XKGLOW underglow motorcycle kits from real customers.

Over the past few years, XKCHROME Motorcycle Underglow Kit has become a go-to choice for motorcycle enthusiasts. Our customers love the quality of our products and the unique look they provide for their bikes. Our underglow lighting kits are the brightest way to customize your ride. The kits include waterproof LED strip lights with premium RGB LEDs for bright, vibrant colors that can be controlled by the Bluetooth-controlled XKCHROME app available for both android & IOS.

You don't have to take our word for it - see what motorcycle enthusiasts just like you are saying about our motorcycle underglow kit. These customer videos show some creative ways to install underglow kits on various types of motorcycles and what they think about the product.

We hope you enjoy these videos and that they inspire you to add an XKchrome kit to your own bike!

1. Check out this bad-ass install of XKCHROME underglow kit on Harley Davidson from one of our best dealers Fantazy Motorsports

2. Detailed XKGLOW LED motorcycle kit 2-zone installation on an Indian Scout.

3. Two-zone motorcycle underglow install on 2016 Harley Davidson Streetglide special w/ XKCHROME app demo.

4. Great XKGLOW LED placement tips on Kawasaki Ninja and XKCHROME app feature demo.

5. Detailed XKGLOW underglow installation process on Indian Thunder Stroke by ridewithtwoindians.

6. Detailed instructions on how to install the kit on Harley, along with XKCHROME app features demo.

7. XKGLOW Underglow kit on Honda Grom | Review & Installation by Grom Garage.

8. XKGLOW LED Lights on 2017 Harley Davison Tri Glide

9. XKGLOW Underglow LED Lights overview on Road Glide

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