Install tips, reviews of XKGLOW fiber optic interior kits from real customers:

Ever since 2018, the XKGLOW fiber optic interior kit has been helping customers (a lot of Tesla customers in particular) transform their vehicle into a futuristic spaceship.

The Tron-style glow effect highlights the elegant interior curves, sculpting the beauty of the vehicle from the darkness. No matter it's a truck, sports car, or even motorcycle, the XKGLOW fiber optic kit can time travel your vehicle into the future!

Here are some videos from our customers. Each of them used their unique technique to achieve the perfect light effect and provided some tips. Enjoy watching and we look forward to featuring your videos here and on our YouTube channel one day!

1. XKGLOW Fiber Optic Lights on 2019 Tesla Model 3

In this video, our dealer Fantazy Motorsports showcases the XKGLOW Fiber Optic Lighting kit installed on the 2019 Tesla Model 3. Near the end of the video, they also explain how to use the XKchrome app to control the lights.

2. XKGLOW Fiber Optic lights install & review by Codenamecoyote

In this video, our customer Codenamecoyote walks you through the process of installing the XKGLOW fiber optic kit on a 2018 Dodge Charger R/T.

3. Destroying a Tesla Model 3 with XKGLOW Lighting.

In this video, Fantazy Motorsports provides a detailed installation process of the XKGLOW fiber optic lighting system on the 2019 Tesla Model 3. This includes dash, doors, center console, kick panels, and footwell lighting so an overall lighting experience on the car.

4. Tesla Model 3 Performance XKGLOW Lighting Reveal!!!

In this video, Tesla car owner Authentic Benny reveals performance XKGLOW lighting on a Tesla Model 3 and gives a review upon seeing the fiber optic lights in the action for the first time.

5. XKGLOW Interior Lights installed & reviewed by Microfiber Only.

In this video, Microfiber Only walks you through the process of installing the XKGLOW fiber optic kit for the car interior and shares his review with the viewers.

6. XKGLOW fiber-optic light review by The Tesla Way.

In this video, our customer & a Tesla car owner, The Tesla Way gives the demo of our fiber optic kit on his Tesla Model 3. He also talks about the features of the lighting kit and shares his honest review.

7. Our Fiber Optic Light Kit installed on Lexus nx300.

In this video, Anthonys car audio life shares his experience with our fiber optic lights on his Lexus nx300.

If you're a Tesla owner then please read "Turn Your Tesla Into Cyber Party Mode" to get the Full premium experience with the fiber optic kit on your car.

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